Month: August 2014

BBC News – Global warming slowdown ‘could last another decade’

Excellent posts and replies on the humbling BBC report that the pause may last another decade.

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Ocean currents [image credit: BBC] Ocean currents
[image credit: BBC]
Bad news for fans of global warming theory dreaming of ‘strong’ El Ninos or indeed anything that might point global temperature stats in an upward direction.

Even the BBC is having to come to terms with climate reality, to some limited extent at least.

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Jet streams and headlines

Interesting post and comments on the jet stream and British weather and recent press commentary.

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Heatwave time [image credit: BBC] Heatwave time [image credit: BBC]
Piers Corbyn has made a weather forecast. Nothing new there, that’s his line of work. But this one has caught the attention of at least one organ of the UK national press [warning: loud headline ahead]…
Daily Express report

Reading the forecast, it clearly states the behaviour of the jet stream is the key factor. So what are the chances of showing any significant link between the behaviour of jet streams and small variations in atmospheric trace gases? They appear to be remote at present.

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