Jeremy Shiers: 2ºC Warmer 5000 years Ago In Orkneys

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Guest post from Jeremy Shiers (@JeremyShiers), whose blog is at

Temperatures were 2ºC warmer 5000 years ago according to
archaeological and geological evidence from Skara Brae in Orkneys,

Professor Ian Stewart presented the series Making Scotland’s
, one program, part 5, focused on historic climate.

I produced the following chart from 3 separate charts shown on the
program, the original charts are shown lower down.

Temperature Scotland 4000BC to 1400AD

It is clear

  1. current temperatures
    are not unusual
  2. there have been a
    number of changes in temperature over the millenia

Here is the section which presents the archaeological and geological
evidence temperatures were 2ºC higher around 3000BC and have cycled
since then.

Here are the 3 individual charts I spliced together

Temperatures Scotland 4000 to 1000BC

Temperature Scotland 3000BC to 1000AD

For whatever reason the scale on this chart was different to the
previous two, so I had to guess (err I mean estimate) rescaling to fit
on one…

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