The Excel Hockeystick!

Just when you thought government Covid policy couldn’t get even more bizarre, along comes the Covid Cases Hockeystick courtesy of Excel. Apparently, the 12 billion pound track and trace system (which we’re paying for) uses (wait for it) an Excel spread sheet to store data on positive tests. Apparently, nearly 16,000 positive test results got left off because the maximum number of columns on the spreadsheet was exceeded and they didn’t get uploaded! So they’ve just added them on and now our cases graph looks like this:

Like, wow, that’s now a genuine bonafide Mann Hockeystick if ever I saw one! At this rate, they’ll get to 50k ‘infections’ a day by mid October no problem and then they can lock us all down at Level 3 forever. But seriously, are we supposed to believe that this graph bears any relation whatsoever to the supposed rate of spread of live infections of SARS-CoV-2 in the community? That in 2 weeks time, given that so few people are immune to the virus, this will translate into a very sharp peak in deaths? I guess it might if they store hospital death data on Excel too . . . . .

Even with all the ‘missed’ cases added on and graphed by specimen date though, the specimen date data doesn’t look quite so dramatic and scary:

Bear in mind that 250k tests a day are being done at the moment and, contrary to Hancock’s lies, they are randomly targeting asymptomatic people. These positive tests are not being generated from a majority of people who are displaying definite clinical symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection. This would explain why deaths are still at a very low level and are likely to remain that way – unless the government finds a ‘fix’ for the mortality data that is.

Even with the ‘lost and found’ data added back in, Whitty and Vallance’s exponential growth graph is still looking highly unlikely:


  1. Wow. ‘Psycho’ Hancock is really rattled about the Excel fiasco. He’s even threatening to kill cancer patients now:

    “Cancer patients will only be guaranteed treatment if Covid-19 stays ‘under control’, Matt Hancock claimed today as he faced a roasting from MPs over an Excel spreadsheet blunder that has potentially led to tens of thousands of Britons being unaware they are infected with the virus.

    The Health Secretary claimed that it was ‘critical for everybody to understand the best way to keep cancer services running is to suppress the disease’, suggesting that hundreds of thousands of patients may face delays to planned surgery and chemotherapy, if the outbreak continues to spiral.

    Vital operations were cancelled and patients missed out on potentially life-saving therapy in the spring because tackling Covid-19 became the sole focus of the health service, instead of cancer and other cruel diseases.

    He said: ‘It’s critical for everybody to understand that the best way to keep cancer services running is to suppress the disease, and the more the disease is under control the more we can both recover and continue with cancer treatments.”

    Ten times LESS people are dying from Covid-19 than from ‘flu and pneumonia, even the WHO’s own figures now confirm that the IFR of Covid-19 is comparable to ‘flu; all he’s got is a faked ‘casedemic’ consisting largely of false positives and non-infectious ‘cases’ and yet he’s threatening to kill cancer patients if we don’t all abide by the rules! The man is truly a psychopath. How long can this madness continue?


  2. Meanwhile we receive reports like this form the MSM, who don’t bat an eyelid and don’t make any connections:

    “Nobel Prize for Medicine goes to Hepatitis C discovery”

    “…However, there are 70 million people currently living with the virus, which still kills around 400,000 a year….”.

    That sounds like a death rate around 1/3 of the rate of Covid-19 and most of the time we don’t hear a peep about it, and we certainly wouldn’t lock-down the world for it.

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  3. Andy, the government scrapped the vote on the curfew, guessing it would lose no doubt, but a huge majority of Tory MPs voted for the ‘Rule of 6’. I believe useless Labour abstained. Parliament offers no way out of this mess.

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  4. I’m guessing that Labour is abstaining because if Johnson suffered a few defeats due to Tory rebels, the party would organise a coup and replace him with someone more competent. Labour must love Johnson at the moment.


    1. Is there somebody more competent Geoff? I have my doubts. Sunak, Raab, Gove, Patel? Shapps or even (God help us) Hancock? No, the Conservatives are done. Labour were finished last year. If we’re still an independent country (debatable) come the end of this year, we are going to need a political revolution to try to repair the damage inflicted on this country by our current shower of MPs.


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