Boris The Red Goes Full On Green

I told you he was mad. Didn’t I warn you he was nuts. He told us he was stark raving bonkers even before we elected him to ‘get Brexit done’. He’s using his Covid Communist take-down of the UK economy now as the excuse to drive through a ‘green revolution’ which will fail; it cannot but fail, though he will destroy UK energy infrastructure, cause massive and sustained blackouts, squander billions on useless offshore wind installations, drive energy prices sky-high and deprive the British people of their means of independent transport in order to prove that it will fail.

He will use his speech to the Conservative Party’s ‘virtual’ conference to set out a radical green energy plan to build thousands of coastal turbines.

Pledging to move at ‘gale force speed’, the Prime Minister wants to make Britain the world leader in offshore wind technology and create up to 60,000 jobs.

He will say of his ten-year plan: ‘You heard me right. Your kettle, your washing machine, your cooker, your heating, your plug-in electric vehicle – the whole lot of them will get their juice cleanly and without guilt from the breezes that blow around these islands.’

I can’t quite decide whether he is genuinely off his trolley and suffering from severe and incurable scientific, economic and technological illiteracy or whether he actually is acutely aware that what he is saying is total and utter bullshit. “Without guilt”? Seriously, he thinks we should feel guilty about using fossil-fuel derived electricity? When we could instead be using 100% renewable, ‘clean’, green, bat chomping, bird-slicing, cetacean and crustacean molesting, sea-view decimating, poverty inducing, rare-earth gobbling wind energy? In the final analysis, it matters not whether he is mad or bad. His clear intention now is to ‘move on’ from his catastrophic handling of the fake ‘Covid crisis’ to address the fake ‘climate crisis’, using the destruction caused by his government’s deliberate scare-mongering tactics re. Wu Flu as a springboard to jump straight back on his Green hobby horse of net zero.

The Prime Minister will claim good progress is being made on recruiting more nurses and police and say the pandemic can also be a catalyst for change, with Britain ‘building back better and greener’.  

He will add: ‘We need to give people the chance to train for the new jobs that are being created every day – in new technologies and new ways of doing things.

‘And there is one area where we are progressing quite literally with gale force speed and that is the green economy – the green industrial revolution that in the next ten years will create hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs.’

The plan is to quadruple offshore wind power so that, by 2030, every home in the UK (and every electric car) will be powered by ‘limitless breezes’. Obviously, he is nuttier than the nuttiest of Extinction Rebellion fanatics. At present, there is no technical means of incorporating 100% wind generated electricity into the grid. Above 50% penetration of zero inertia renewable energy, the grid becomes highly unstable and is likely to fail big time, resulting in huge and widespread blackouts, unless the national grid can be totally redesigned to accommodate 100% renewables in the next decade.

Boris is setting the UK up to fail. Have no doubt whatsoever about that fact. He is mad, bad, dangerous, a globalist and an eco-fanatical Green Communist – in common with the rest of the ‘Conservatives’. Replace him with Sunak, Gove, or any other serving senior Tory minister and you will get exactly the same.

This is what using wind energy ‘without guilt’ gives you. Wholesale destruction of the pristine Shetland landscape ‘without guilt’ to provide useless, expensive, intermittent, grid-destabilising ‘clean green energy’.


  1. Anyone see Boris’s speech today? Anyone now not convinced that he is in fact a democidal maniac and that killing people, killing society, killing jobs, killing the economy and killing the joy of living is now official government policy? Anyone now think that the comparison with Jews getting onto cattle carts was misjudged and inappropriate? Probably, but I doubt they would have the courage to come here to argue their case. The UK is finished with this nutter in charge. Nothing short of a revolution is going to reverse this rot now. Let’s hope the revolution starts with Trump being re-elected.


    1. Jaime, I share your pain. As for:

      “Boris is setting the UK up to fail. Have no doubt whatsoever about that fact. He is mad, bad, dangerous, a globalist and an eco-fanatical Green Communist – in common with the rest of the ‘Conservatives’. Replace him with Sunak, Gove, or any other serving senior Tory minister and you will get exactly the same.”

      No doubt true. The problem is in the final sentence. Never mind which Tory might replace him, there’s nobody with any sense on this topic in any other party either. Labour, Lib Dem, Green, Plaid Cymru, SNP, all equally crazy, all equally committed to the destruction of our country, and all for nothing (haven’t they heard of China?). There’s simply no politician with a platform prepared to point out that the emperor has no clothes.

      Oh for the SDP, or somebody else – anybody else – to get their act together.

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      1. Mark, I think Laurence Fox is setting up a new political party with an emphasis on pushback against ‘woke’ culture. It needs to be a lot broader than that if we are going to rescue this nation from the current government and the current incumbents in Parliament. I see things happening the other side of the Pond with Trump pushing back hard against climate and Covid hysteria and I have hopes that an invigorated America under a second Trump term will turn the tide against this darkness. It’s going to be grim enough in rich (soon to be much poorer) Western countries. I don’t think these Green ‘progressives’ quite understand that the taking down of the global economy and its resurrection in the image of the Green-Eyed Monster is going to cause millions to die of poverty and malnutrition in the Third World. Covid-19 policies have already seriously damaged the global economy; Johnson and his pals at the WHO/WEF’s plans to ‘build back better’ will seal the fate of the global economy for good, hard-wiring in continual decline and massive, widespread poverty. A ‘Green’ recovery is a complete contradiction in terms.

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  2. Jaime, again I largely agree, though I suspect that Laurence Fox’s new party won’t provide the answer. I can’t help feeling he’s more than a little strange, something of a self-publicist, and I doubt he has the “heft” to achieve anything.

    I must say today’s “developments” (very definitely an inappropriate word for such regression) have left me completely depressed.

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  3. Let’s hope for more optimistic times Mark. Meanwhile, I have just two blissfully happy dogs, one partner and a bottle of wine to help take my mind off the gloom and doom this damp autumn evening – plus the hope of getting our wood-burner installed before winter arrives!

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  4. Enjoy the log-burner. Ours was on for the first time this autumn just the other day when it was cold and wet all day, and it turned a miserable day into a pleasant experience.

    It’s about all we have to look forward to at the moment!

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  5. I can’t quite decide whether he is genuinely off his trolley and suffering from severe and incurable scientific, economic and technological illiteracy or whether he actually is acutely aware that what he is saying is total and utter bullshit.

    Having read his entire speech, I’ve got a simpler, less frightening explanation. He’s just a lightweight second rate journalist who likes to turn an amusing phrase. He’d have been fine writing in Punch fifty years ago. He’s tone deaf to circumstances, the way PG Wodehouse was when he gave an amusing interview from his south of France under the Vichy régime.

    On any other serious subject than climate (even Covid) there’d be an awareness that there are always alternative policies to be considered, so the jokes about kettles etc. would be reined in. The consensus ensures that any madness will be accepted. How do you persuade the 99% of so-called informed opinion, (journalists etc) who know nothing, but assume there’s an army of competent experts behind the policy, that renewable energy is madness? After 12 years of scepticism I’m no nearer an answer.

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  6. I wish I could share your optimism that Johnson is just a bumbling idiot Geoff, I really do. I think he is a bumbling idiot, but I don’t think he is JUST a bumbling idiot. He’s shot through with something much darker and rather menacing in my opinion. A bumbling idiot would surely have realised by now that he’s up against it with the Covid malarkey and bumbled onto something else. He hasn’t. He is ignoring science, data, facts and evident huge harms re. lockdowns, as well as the protestations now of 12,500 scientists and medics in the Great Barrington Declaration, to just blithely forge ahead with his errant Covid policy. Obviously, he is ignoring science, data and evidence on climate change and renewable energy in order to plunge Britain into the dark by 2030, but at least he has the 97% famed consensus to keep his fantasy warm and cosy on that one.

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  7. Sure he’s shot through with something darker. That something is what happens in the mind of a bumbling idiot when he rises to power despite being a bumbling idiot. He believes he’s invested with magic powers. It probably happens to all conservative leaders to some extent, because of their power being due to and also exercised over the tiny group which is the parliamentary party. I don’t usually read speeches by Tory leaders, so I can’t compare, but it seems to me Boris’s weirdness can be ascribed largely to isolation due to Covid. Wouldn’t his speech normally be pored over by committees of party grandees, marketing men etc?

    What puzzles me is, where is Cummings in all this? Reading his blog, I was willing to believe that he really might be invested with the magic powers he clearly thinks he has. And he had the successes of the Northern referendum, Brexit, and the election to back up his belief. Maybe he was just someone who threw three double-sixes in a row and made the same mistake as Boris?

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    1. Cummings is a mystery to me. An almost complete blank. He’s always struck me as this weird, shabby looking man with an attitude hovering in the background but attracting mystifying levels of condemnation and hatred from the Left and and almost mystical adoration from many Conservative voters and Brexit supporters. If he wields genuine power and influence, it must be via some deep, dark channels, which are impenetrable to mere mortals.

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  8. The question that must be answered is what happened?
    Something similar has happened in NZ, where an alleged skeptic was elected but turned out to be a climate kook instead. And think of poor Australia. How is the rational switch being flipped off, and the irrational switch being flipped on?
    It cannot be due to the facts and data.
    Because the facts and data aren’t there.
    It is similar to a religious conversion.

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    1. It is akin to religious mania Hunterson. Science and empirical data are being displaced by belief, by superstition, by fear, by ignorance. We don’t have rational scientists and governments advising and encouraging us to adopt voluntary measures for the benefit of our health, or for the benefit of the environment, we have zealots barking orders at us that we MUST do this or that non-evidence-based activity for the ‘greater good’ or in order to save the planet from an imagined ‘crisis’. We’ve been bounced back to the Middle Ages in preparation for being bounced straight from there into a nightmarish 21st century technocracy. I hope to God Trump wins a landslide in the US; he appears to be the main obstacle standing in the way of this process. If America falls, we all fall.

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