Full Circle: Boris The Red Asks Doris ‘Net Zero’ To Head Up Cop 26

A while ago now, I wrote about May’s last poisonous swipe at the UK as she retired in disgrace, having spent over three years trying to thwart the democratic votes of 17.8 million Britons. Her ‘proud legacy’ was to be the introduction of the legally binding net zero carbon emissions target by 2050 – a statutory instrument amendment to the Climate Change Act 2008. It passed, with every single MP in Parliament voting for it. Hence Doris passed into the history books as the first leader of a major industrialised economy to enact a legally binding net zero target – which would be a ‘fine example’ to the world no doubt (of what, I’m not quite sure). We could all just forget how she tried so hard to screw Brexit voters over. With any luck, we could forget she ever existed, but no, Boris had other plans.

First, he made damned sure that we could never forget the spiteful crone’s poisonous legacy by making it a manifesto commitment and then official government policy after he became elected. Boris’s Bonkers Boiler Ban was the direct result of Doris’s bonkers net zero legislation. Now, God help us, he’s actually invited the Maybot to chair the COP26 meeting in Glasgow!

THERESA May could make a shock return to frontline politics with a major new Government job, it was claimed tonight.

The ex-PM has been asked by Boris Johnson to head up the COP21 climate change summit hosted by Britain next year.

You have to forgive the Sun – they don’t know the difference between Glasgow and Paris! But that aside, just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse with this government, Johnson goes and offers the former worst ever PM (which particular accolade he now proudly holds) a frontline role in government. God’s teeth! Is there no end to Boris’s talents? The scary part is, Doris hasn’t yet turned down the offer:

Mrs May was reported by the Sunday Times to have not turned down the offer but has not yet signed up.


  1. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse.

    I warily confess to having voted Tory in the last general election, for the first (and, I strongly suspect, only) time in my life (and I’ve now voted in 10 general elections and numerous local elections). I did so between gritted teeth and with a heavy heart and great regret.

    My motivation (despite greatly disliking Johnson and his ilk) was to move Parliament beyond the impasse it reached after the last general election – to my mind, that simply couldn’t be allowed to continue. The country was being eaten up with bitterness and mutual hostility, and to my mind the only way to lance the boil was to get Brexit over with.

    Well, Brexit isn’t over with yet, so the jury is still out on that one. As for the mess the government is making of Covid-19, climate, and everything else, I have the scant consolation of suspecting that the alternatives would have been even worse. Remember that we wouldn’t in the alternative have been electing a Starmer-led Labour government, but one led by Corbyn, with the top table being attended by the likes of McDonnell, Abbott and Thornberry. Indeed, it could have been even worse if it had been a Labour-led coalition government – that motley crew might have been joined by the likes of Lucas, Davey, Blackford and even the toe-curlingly hypocritical Margaret Ferrier.

    None of which makes me feel very good. How did it come to pass that politics in the UK is inhabited by such a bunch of no-hopers? How and why is our democracy in such a mess? It’s no consolation to me that, if anything, it’s an even bigger mess in the USA and that meaningful democracy doesn’t exist in the EU.

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  2. Mark, I share your despair at the state of politics in this country and elsewhere. It is ironic that the Left was fretting about the decline of democracy under Trump and other nationalistic ‘right wing’ leaders when all the while, the real threat to democracy was predominantly coming from the authoritarian left in the service of its ideological attachment to the transition to a ‘fairer’ world and a ‘gentler kind of politics’. ‘Fact-based journalists’ accused Trump of launching attacks on “fact-based journalism”, thus undermining one of the key principles of democratic accountability. Meanwhile, they left China largely alone, even as China enacted its very own holocaust upon the Uighurs. You really couldn’t make it up.


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