Month: November 2020

Making Good News Look Like Bad – The Fake Case For Tiers

Neil O’ Brien MP has tweeted this:

Here’s the graph he tweeted:

Do you see what they did here? They plotted case numbers per 100k of population on 12th November (y-axis) against the same quantity on 19th November (x-axis).

If cases had not changed in 7 days, any region would lie exactly on the dotted line. If cases had decreased in 7 days, the region would lie above the dotted line – and as you can see, most are above the line, with the notable exception of Kent, where cases have increased in the week from Nov 12th to Nov 19th.

So, in effect, this graph is good news but they’ve made it look like bad news by the sneaky way in which it has been presented. Had they swapped the x and y axes, most regions would appear below the line, but that wouldn’t give the right impression would it?

This graph has obviously been contructed by the government purely as a ruse to convince the casual oberver that the new Tiers are justified when they obviously are not. Who knows how much further ‘cases’ will have decreased in the Tiers 2 and 3 regions by 2nd December, but this data will be ignored of course.

Kerry’s Climate Whores

I see a lot nowadays which tends to turn my stomach, but this has to take the biscuit. Climate ‘scientists’ openly prostituting their ‘services’ to John ‘You could just as easily replace the words climate change with COVID-19’ Kerry who has apparently been nominated by fake President Biden to be ‘climate czar’ in his new administration, if he manages to secure his fraudulent election victory.

**Health Warning: the following content may induce involuntary retching and/or severe nausea.**