I Have Now Permanently Departed From Cliscep

Times have changed. The UK now effectively exists in a state of tyranny. I warned about this many months ago on the Cliscep blog, but was ostracised and even personally ridiculed by contributors and commenters, who defended the adoption of masks, shot down my alleged ‘hyperbolic’ and ‘offensive’ rhetoric and now defend their decision to be coerced into getting a vaccine they don’t need, to the detriment of us all. I adopted a hard-nosed scientific approach based on data and research to argue my case against the progressive tyranny, but was overruled or ignored by the hysterical and the brainwashed, even ‘despised’ for doing so.

I have continued to try to argue my case for not getting the ‘vaccine’ but, with a few notable exceptions, am not backed up by the majority, even being accused of being ‘selfish’ and an ‘anti-vaxxer by one regular ‘sceptical’ commenter. These defamatory comments went almost universally unchallenged by Cliscep denizens.

I then noticed that my admin privileges had been removed and pointing this out I got this response:

Apologies if you can’t edit your comments. This is an unforeseen result of adjustments which have to be made to protect the site and which are proving more complicated than was thought. Blame than on WordPress. 

I seriously doubt the veracity of this statement as my admin privileges on the site have been permanently downgraded. Also, as a regular commenter and contributor and former member granted a wide range of admin privileges, I was not informed of such changes. Accordingly, I have removed myself from the site as a contributor, against the wishes of a number of commenters, I know, but sadly I must follow my instinct not to remain part of a group whose ethics and world-view diverge so radically from my own. The ‘Covid crisis’ and the psychological assault upon the populace by governments across the world has divided us irrevocably and I now believe that only a very small proportion of the population are genuinely immune to the fear-based neural programming which SAGE behaviourists, the media and governments have rolled out so horrifyingly successfully over the past year. To my concern and amazement, many self-professed ‘climate change sceptics’ have been drawn into the web of fear and deceit spun by the government and main stream media, in both the UK and in North America. Even Stephen McIntyre has succumbed!

So I’m going it alone as one of the few remaining unvaccinated, socially excluded, genuine sceptics willing to question ‘expert consensus’ and bad science in any field which my non-expert limited knowledge will allow.

If you want to see what genuine, fearless, expert scepticism looks like, on the subject of Covid and the ‘vaccines’, look no further than Delingpole’s interview of Dr. Mike Yeadon. Delingpole too, one of the original climate sceptical journalists who was instrumental in exposing ‘climategate’, has remained rock-solid throughout this scam ‘crisis’ and was one of the few to resist the imposition of masks and now strongly resists the pointless, dangerous ‘vackseens’. The world would be a poorer place without the Yeadons and the Delingpoles. I don’t do hero worship, but these two stalwarts, in addition to a minority outspoken few, have my undying respect, gratitude and admiration.




  1. I hope to continue reading you here then, on climate topics or COVID topics or anything else.
    I’m sorry to have seen the ructions at cliscep, it seemed most unpleasant and unnecessary.

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  2. Thanks Geoff. The final straw was downgrading my admin privileges without telling me and then lying about the reason why. That made it impossible for me to consider contributing any further.


    1. Your email explained that you had upgraded Geoff and John and downgraded a number of others from admins to authors, which did not include me. I was to remain one of the five admins according to what you said. As far as I could tell, it very much appeared that I had been downgraded to author.


  3. I’m sad it has come to this Jaime.

    suppose it was inevitable after the year or so of sometimes caustic comments/exchanges at Cliscep.

    can only agree with what Geoff Cruickshank said above (your blog was been added to my favourites list)

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    1. It was inevitable df. I stayed because commenters asked me to and because Geoff asked me to continue contributing, but there was just too much resentment on both sides for me to continue. Sometimes, it’s just better to part company before resentment turns to outright hostility.

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    1. There were several emails df. If Richard strongly disputes their content I could publish, but I’m not that interested in getting into a mud slinging contest with my former Cliscep colleagues. The point is, I was given no indication that my admin privileges were being downgraded and Geoff’s explanation of why they had been did not ring true, and still doesn’t.


  4. Geoff didn’t seek to explain why your status was changed Jaime. Read what he said again. He said your inability to edit your own comments was an intended consequence of what had been done. And that I can tell you, as the person who did it, was 100% correct. And therefore not a lie, which is an extremely damaging and unfair accusation to make against someone you had been working closely with for many years.

    I made the decision to downgrade you from Administrator to Author, without telling you and without telling anyone else beforehand. I was in the process of readjusting the admin function of Cliscep, triggered mainly by the interest and initiatives of John Ridgway and one comment by Geoff Chambers. I was doing many things and considering others. I was going to talk to you about the change of status, in a little while, but I’d forgotten the ability to edit your own comments you’d had for the best part of nine months. That was an oversight, an unintended consequence, exactly as Geoff said. There is really nothing here that couldn’t have been sorted out in a few moments if you had contacted us privately to ask what was going on.

    The point of the cartoon is that there are more important things even than lockdown. I though it was very funny when I saw it on Easter Day in The Spectator but also profoundly important. We need to laugh to get a bit of perspective sometimes.


  5. “The point of the cartoon is that there are more important things even than lockdown”

    ohh – like coming back from the dead – ok, I get the “joke/funny side” now!!!


  6. It’s funny even if you don’t think the physical resurrection of Jesus happened df. That is the story, as most of us have known from childhood. Within that old but still very potent story we suddenly have the lockdown of 2020-21 rudely inserted by the cartoonist. He triumphed even over this!

    It was meant as an irenic as well as amusing reflection on the theme of this post. We all want to be in the blissful state Jesus is in, in the cartoon. On that, surely, we are agreed.


  7. so Jesus would have/did break/challenged the rules imposed by the roman empire in his time ?

    ps – lets leave it at that, I enjoy your comments on many blogs I visit over the years, stay safe mate 🙂

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  8. Right, so, Geoff’s statement:

    “Apologies if you can’t edit your comments. This is an unforeseen result of adjustments which have to be made to protect the site and which are proving more complicated than was thought. Blame than on WordPress.”

    The reality: you downgraded my admin status to author without telling me.

    Geoff’s explanation of why I couldn’t edit my comments doesn’t bear much resemblance to reality does it? He could have just told me the truth. My comments stand.

    Of course, given the current rash of paranoia about people maliciously editing comments and posts at Cliscep and the legal ramifications of possible libellous comments made by authors, then Geoff’s statement about ‘protecting the site’ might be interpreted as meaning that I was considered to be a threat, therefore had my admin status downgraded and an ‘unintended consequence’ was that I was unable to edit my own comments on Geoff’s thread. Then he would have been telling the truth, in a rather obtuse way. Either way, I’m better off out, obviously. The latter explanation is even more offensive to me.


  9. Jamie,
    The vaccine debacle is so outlandish that basically nearly everyone was fooled. You are loved and missed. Please come home to cliscep.

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  10. Hunterson7,

    Thank you warmly for your kind words. By way of an experiment, I left a very brief, innocuous comment on a Cliscep thread recently, which went straight into moderation and was never published, so I don’t think everyone loves and misses me there.


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