Global Warming Disrupts The Smooth Opening of UK Hospitality

Today, April 12th, herd immunity Monday, is also the day that Pol Pot Belly ‘allows’ pubs and ‘non-essential’ shops to open up and warns us all not to go mad with our’ new found’ ancient freedoms which he stole from us under false pretences over a year ago.

But since April started, it’s been very cold and the past few days have seen bitterly cold northerly winds, snow showers and overnight frosts. So anyone wanting to enjoy a relaxed pint at their local for the first time in months (assuming they have a beer garden) is going to have to wrap up warm because if they don’t, they’re going to be more in danger of catching a nasty cold than getting Covid (oh, silly me, I forgot, they’re one and the same, for most people).

So pubs which ‘stick to the rules’ in order to prevent the NHS being overrun by the handful of sick and dying victims of the deadly pandemic which is ripping through the land are probably going to be disapppointed by the less than enthusiastic response to the snail-like relaxation of Covid restrictions, especially as their no doubt recently ‘vaccinated’ patrons will be forced to ‘sign in’ to the Gestapo run track ‘n’ trace system in order to sit outside in the freezing cold.

Britain, in mid-April, is in the middle of a ‘pandemic’ whilst also in the midst of a climate crisis. What a bummer.

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