Update: ‘The Vaccines Work’ – except when they are associated with major outbreaks, lockdowns and huge numbers of adverse reactions

Let’s start at home. This was reported in the Times:

More than 500 people who had been vaccinated against Covid-19 have been admitted to hospital with the infection, a UK study has found.

The patients had all received one dose of the vaccine at least three weeks before they were admitted.

Researchers said the patients were largely frail and elderly and the number represented around 1 per cent of the 52,000 people involved in the research.

So, 1% of people ‘vaccinated’ against Covid were subsequently admitted to hospital with Covid. Of those, 113 died. That’s a ‘vaccine-related infection fatality rate’ of 0.2%, which is about the same as the overall IFR of Covid, which suggests to me that, if we’re charitable, we can conclude that the ‘vaccines’ do sod all to stop infections and deaths, but as we have seen previously, the reality is that getting ‘vaccinated’ appears to actually increase one’s risk of becoming infected, at least in the two to three weeks after the first dose. So what’s going on? ‘Not unexpected’ vaccine failure according to the ‘experts’. What? Don’t they mean ‘not unexpected complete failure to prevent infection, serious illness and death ‘at least 3 weeks’ after the first dose? What kind of vackseen is that then?

They also noted the level of “vaccine failure” detected was not unexpected based on the results of trials that took place before vaccines were rolled out.

Colin Semple, professor of outbreak medicine at Liverpool University and one of the leaders of the study, warned: “People should not be surprised about some vaccine failure. It is what was predicted. It does result in tragedy. We are all talking about the statistics, but if it is your granny it is a tragedy for your family.”

The findings were released by the UK Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies. The study showed one in 14 of the participating patients admitted to hospital since early December with Covid had had at least one dose.

Oh, so that’s all OK then. Entirely expected ‘vaccine failure’ but obviously if granny got vaxxed and died, it’s not so OK. Actually, it’s not OK whichever way you look at it. So what’s causing this ‘expected vaccine failure’, according to the experts?

Most of these patients were infected “shortly before or around the time of vaccination”, the report says and goes on to warn: “Elderly and vulnerable people who had been shielding, may have inadvertently been exposed and infected either through the end-to-end process of vaccination, or shortly after vaccination through behavioural changes where they wrongly assume they are immune.”

That supposedly accounts for the period immediately after vaccination but we’re talking about 526 people here who were admitted to hospital 3 weeks or more after the first jab, when they should have been protected. ‘Experts’ can’t explain it:

The NHS advises patients they are likely to have good protection from the virus three or four weeks after their first jab. However, 526 people received their injection at least 21 days before they were admitted to hospital. Among these patients 113 people died. The research team regarded these cases as vaccine failures.

Dr Annemarie Docherty, a critical care consultant and researcher at Edinburgh University, said the reasons why the vaccines had failed in these patients were not clear. She said it was possible the lack of immunity in these individuals would not have been rectified by a second dose.

‘Experts’ are investigating whether the scariants are involved in these unexplained failures. But despite the ‘vaccines’ apparently not offering any extra protection at all, based on a comparison of IFR before and after ‘vaccination (see above), ‘experts’ say that it is still good news on the jab’s effectiveness. How ‘experts’ come to that conclusion is way beyond my amateurish understanding, I must admit.

Experts are investigating whether those immunised who caught Covid-19 were more likely to get specific variants of the disease.

The researchers stressed their findings largely represented good news about the effectiveness of vaccination.

The Seychelles is the most Covid-vaccinated country in the world, even pipping Israel to the post, with 60% of residents having had two jabs, so they should be virtually Covid-free, right? Wrong. They’ve just gone into a two week lockdown because ‘cases’ are soaring. So, when we say ‘the wonder jab’, what that actually means is, you wonder what the hell the point of it is.

The country began vaccinations in January using a donation of Chinese vaccines from the United Arab Emirates. According to Bloomberg, by April 12th, “59% of the doses administered were Sinopharm vaccines and the rest were Covishield, a version of AstraZeneca’s shot made under licence in India.”

The Government put the surge down to people being less careful, particularly over Easter. However, setting aside whether population behaviour is a plausible explanation, this doesn’t explain why the vaccines are not preventing transmission or infection.

People being ‘less careful’? You’ve got to be kidding me. The whole point of getting ‘vaccinated’ is you are protected; you don’t need to be careful. The excuses being rolled out for the failures of the vackseens to actually do what they say on the tin are becoming more and more absurd: ‘You’re old, you got infected ‘just before’ being jabbed, it’s a new scariant and facts aside, it’s still ‘good news’ because the ‘vaccines’ are ‘effective’ simply because we say they are.’

Lastly, there’s the ‘small’ matter of the huge number of adverse reactions (including death) to the ‘vaccines’ being recorded on the VAERS and Yellow Card reporting systems. Conspiracy theorists in the media are claiming that these reporting sites have been indundated with fake claims by anti-vaxxers intent on discrediting the ultra-safe and effective Covid vaccines. I mean, I’m sure they’re correct. The main stream media have never knowingly reported untruths. It’s definitely an organised anti-science campaign. But just in case it’s not, and the media have innocently got something wrong on one of those extremely rare occasions, here are the latest horrifying figures:

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