Mike Yeadon in The Conservative Woman

I quote from the article here, advise you to read it in its entirety and make the following points along the lines of ‘I told you so’. I was saying much of what Mike says here last spring and summer, at the Cliscep website, and was being roundly criticised, condemned, “despised”, even humiliated for doing so.

To date, despite the brains, expertise and stature of those alarmed by the disproportionate and destructive response of agencies and governments around the world to Covid-19, as a group they have patently been ineffective. Unwittingly, dissenters have been playing the parts intended by those, including our own Government and their advisers, who control the global Covid narrative. 

They judged correctly that we polite Brits wouldn’t accuse them of outright lying, even though they often do exactly that. Boris Johnson’s recent piece to camera, telling us that it was lockdown and not vaccination which reduced cases and deaths, is a case in point. 

Yet it’s certain this isn’t true, and also certain he and his advisers know it isn’t true.

The government’s advisers are not fools. Some may be, but the upper echelons are very smart. They believe polite people won’t say ‘not only are you lying but you’re doing it in concert with other, non-democratic actors’, because that’s conspiracy theory stuff, right? Powerful people never use their influence to benefit their interests, do they? Hmm. The only thing that’s different is scale and the power their public positions give them. Other than that, they’re just another a bunch of grubby criminals, ripping off unsuspecting people.

Truth is our most powerful tool. And that truth is that we’re being lied to.  

The truth also, however hard it is to believe it, is that there is unequivocal and clear evidence of planning and co-ordination. Not to face this fact is to have your head in the sand. Where it’s leading is easy to discern, once people are willing to lift their internal censoring and look objectively at the evidence.

First, though, the lies. It’s abundantly clear now that pretty much everything that the public has been told and continues to be told is between untrue and downright lies.

So here are a few points which leap out from Dr Yeadon’s article, which I tried my best to convey many months ago, to no good effect:

/ There is clear evidence of malign intent

/ There is clear evidence of numerous, deliberate, calculated lies

/ There is clear evidence of planning

/ The ‘vaccines’ are demonstrably dangerous and not needed for the purpose for which they are being sold to a gullible public

/ Brits have been too ‘polite’ to question the evidence before their very eyes

/ Masks don’t work – they are merely a form of fear-based control

/ Lockdowns don’t work

/ The ‘Covid crisis’ scam has a clear connection to the ‘Climate crisis’ scam

/ We have already reached herd immunity in the UK, largely through natural infections

/ Herd immunity via mass vaccination with these vaccines is an absurd and unscientific concept and is evidence of another direct lie by the authorities

/ Governments and their advisers have actively conspired with Big Business and other actors in order to bring about what is now effectively a global medical tyranny, soon to morph into a total control tyranny via ‘vaccine passports’ if they are not strongly resisted by largely compliant populations. This is not a ‘theory’ anymore. The Great Reset and ‘Build Back Better’ is upon us. It is many things, but in essence, it is evil.

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  1. B… B.. But the mung beans on twatter are saying Bojo is allowing us to hug next week so that means we’ve all been paranoid conspiracy theorists about malign government intent. Because government is allowing us to hug again.

    Yes really 😳

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