Great Britain is Now Just a Heartbeat Away from 1930s Germany

I warned that this is where blind compliance with government diktats would take us. We are almost there. The government and the media are actively encouraging the condemnation, the demonisation of those people who, for whatever reason, have decided not to avail themselves of the ‘offer’ of being jabbed with an experimental ‘vaccine’ licensed for emergency use only with now demonstrable serious side effects. If a brainwashed public, still in the grip of fear deliberately generated by SAGE and amplified by the media and the government, take this message seriously, then hell is coming, riding a pale horse. The unvaxxed are going to be outrageously discriminated against at best, violently assaulted and forcibly removed from society at the very worst. The Pandora’s Box is almost open.

The unvaccinated are about to become the ‘unclean Jews’ in 21st Century Britain unless people wake up now to the hideous coercive devices being employed by this government and a complicit media.


  1. We don’t need to imagine it any more, do we?


  2. History will not forget the ‘vaccine’ pimps and pushers who openly violated the Nuremberg Code in order to coerce healthy people into risking their lives for the financial and political gain of the few. Despicable.


  3. The tyranny is accelerating very rapidly now. They are getting bolder, more menacing, more threatening by the day. WEF is telling people to get jabbed or else their employers will basically terminate their contract. Schools are still demanding that pupils remain muzzled and the government has backtracked already on dispensing with the mask rules for pupils, on the very day that they were supposedly being relaxed, citing the scam Indian variant now. Lockdown plans are being drawn up by the government for Indian variant affected areas. The media are cranking up the fear narrative. This is never going to end, not until they have completely destroyed society, our way of life, our happiness, our prosperity, our businesses, our jobs, our very lives. Those who are not killed as a direct result of this tyranny are going to spend the rest of their lives as slaves of the state, tightly controlled and with no freedom whatsoever. It’s happening, right now, in front of our very eyes and yet still some people are unable to process what’s happening. You thought last winter was bad. This coming winter is going to be hell on earth if we do not fight back hard – right now. People are already damaged and dying. A&E depts are under huge pressure in some areas – and it’s not Covid.


    1. What I lost in style, I made up for in content. This guy basically says what I’ve been saying for nearly a year. It’s not Communism which threatens us though; it’s technocratic fascism, stakeholder capitalism, of a form very similar to that which guided the ideology of the Third Reich.

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  4. Here’s someone else who has more style than me. I’ll hand the stage over to her:

    “However, it does seem to me that (1) we have allowed this to happen, collectively, either willingly or unwillingly (2) we are still allowing it to happen, willingly or unwillingly, (3) some regular citizens are enjoying being a part of a dystopian and totalitarian regime, (4) huge swathes of the country seem too dumbed down for some reason, to even notice what is frog marching towards them, (5) history it seems can be forgotten and easily repeated, (6) fear has been weaponised, and (7) fear turns some people into awful human beings capable of inflicting, and allowing to be inflicted, the worst kind of atrocities on people.

    My father often remarked about that time in history as being the blackest. He would say he thanked the heavans that such atrocious behaviour would surely never occur again. He opined that people would not forget what had been done, and would never again allow themselves to be sold the idea that it is OK to unlawfully mistreat large sections of the population, and perpetrate crimes against them.

    My father died a relatively young man in 1996. He would now, I sadly feel, be turning in his grave. I am not being flippant or trying to use a phrase to create a reaction here. I know my father would be aghast right now saying to me “My goodness, it’s happening again”.

    For those reading this that cannot see the correlation of 30s/40s Germany to our present dire situation, let me try to explain.

    The media and this government are currently SELLING you, via propaganda, the idea that your life is worse because of anyone who has not taken the Covid vaccine. In doing so they are actively giving you permission to not only fear that population, but to hate them, and ergo treat them as worth LESS THAN YOU, for exercising their perfectly legal right to decline an experimental medical treatment.

    In turn this provides you with justification for that population to be mistreated, abused, and gives you the opportunity to feel you are right to cheer on that they do not DESERVE to have the same benefits as you.

    You are being encouraged to feel this way. Even if that means that a non vaccinated person starves, gets ill from lack of NHS treatment, or dies. Or even if it means that their children don’t get educated, or treated by a doctor. Or even if it means they get spat at, or punched.

    Do you see this? Do you see where you are. You are being sold this lie, and recruited into the hate brigade. If you go along with this you will be one of those people that you learned about in history lessons. You know the ones that that did nothing and made you ask “why did they go along with it”, or “How could they just let it happen”.


  5. “Intentional, malicious”, “Population control, population reduction”, “True crimes against humanity”, “This is worse than what happened with the Third Reich, because this time it’s all of us”. “We’re all [Native American] Indians”, “They also know that this is extremely dangerous”. “It is very clear that the danger [of the vaccines] by far outweighs the risk of the actual disease”, “They are willing to kill”.

    Reiner Fuellmich is of course a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, along with the thousands of experts who have consulted with him and advised and informed him. It goes without saying of course that Dellers is also a conspiracy theorist giving him air time. But why don’t you watch the entire video just in case.


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