The UK Government’s Own Data Botherers Signal That The Covid Herd Immunity Threshold Has Been Surpassed

When herd immunity has been reached or surpassed, this means that a contagious disease-causing virus is effectively endemic and can no longer spread epidemically unless it mutates sufficiently so as to evade natural or vaccine-induced defences. The Office for National Statistics has just tweeted this:

This means that in England, Wales & NI, the sero-positive rate for antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 is now an astoundingly high 80%. This exceeds even the unscientific and absurdly high herd immunity threshold previously cited by SAGE ‘experts’ of 60-70% assuming that the entire population is equally susceptible to SARS-CoV-2, which it most definitely is not. In immunological terms, the population is heterogeneous which means that the effective herd immunity threshold for Covid is probably much lower, around 40%. This lower threshold was probably achieved by the end of December last year, largely via natural infections, just as the vaccinations were getting going. So all that’s happened since is that sero-positivity has doubled due to ‘vaccinating’ millions of people who didn’t need to be ‘vaccinated’ and we have now exceeded even government scientists’ own implausibly high community immunity threshold. Also, summer has finally arrived, putting a natural lid on the spread of the virus.

So, in essence, there is absolutely no excuse for not fully dispensing with restrictions and fully opening up the country on June 21st – something which the government could have safely done months ago. But they’re trying desperately to claim that the new, scary, more transmissible Delta variant (aka the ‘Indian’ variant) is spreading rapidly among the younger generation who haven’t been jabbed and therefore opening up must be delayed until more of those people get jabbed. Basically, they’re lying about the supposed health risk of a new variant and they’re threatening to delay returning our stolen civil liberties in order to blackmail younger people into getting jabbed. The fact is, if the sero-positive rate is 80%, many young people will already be immune to SARS-CoV-2, many of those via natural infection, which will confer robust immunity against all variants, because all variants so far differ only very slightly from the original Wuhan strain and infection-acquired immunity is broad spectrum. In fact the concern is that if too many youngsters get jabbed with a narrow spectrum immunity-inducing ‘vaccine’ then this may override their broad spectrum T-cell mediated natural immune response, making them more susceptible to being infected with new variants.

It definitely is time for the government to end all restrictions on commerce, hospitality, entertainment, travel and personal liberty, to stop ‘vaccinating’ people unnecessarily, to not even think about ‘vaccinating’ kids and to let us get on with our lives free of state control and fear-mongering propaganda. But they probably won’t. They have grown to love lockdowns and the control which they can exert over us all by falsely claiming a state of emergency exists as a result of a ‘deadly pandemic’. They can’t or won’t let go and the MHRA has scandalously just authorised the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ for use in 12-15 year olds so they will want to keep the fear going and the ’emergency’ on simmer all over summer so they can justify jabbing your kids with an experimental gene-based ‘vaccine’ whose long term consequences are unknown and whose short term consequences mean that the risk to children of getting jabbed outweighs considerably any alleged benefit.

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