Heatwaves Republished Articles: The Attribution Question

In anticipation of a major offensive from the climate alarmists re. extreme weather, specifically heatwaves and their supposed attribution to man-made climate change, I intend to republish 4 articles (using the hashtag #Rep) I originally wrote at cliscep.com from summer 2018 to summer 2019. They will be useful to refer to when further attribution studies linking specific heatwaves (the North West American/Canadian heatwave for instance) are published. As we speak, an intense heatwave appears to be brewing in Morocco and the Iberian Peninsula and if temperatures are anything like those being predicted, then the climate hysterics will be out in force blaming us ordinary folks for creating Thermageddon by driving around in cars, jetting off for two weeks in the sun every year and having the bare-faced cheek to warm our cold homes in winter using coal, gas and oil. None other than Her Majesty the Queen, who is well known for her austere lifestyle and lack of global travel on royal yachts and private jets, advises us (proles) that we must “change the way we do things” in order to make the climate great again.

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