The Queen Shows Her “Heartfelt Appreciation” To The NHS For Slapping A DNR Order On The Dragon

Her Majesty the Queen has bestowed the George Cross upon the entire NHS.

Blanket DNRs on the elderly, vulnerable and disabled suffering Covid infection is not the only ‘courageous and compassionate’ thing the NHS has done this year of course. We should also recognise their unerring dedication to harass, coerce and misinform millions of healthy people to get a dangerous, toxic experimental ‘vaccine’ licensed for emergency use only in violation of the Nuremberg Code principles of informed consent when there is demonstrably no ’emergency’. Not forgetting also their willful refusal to treat millions of people suffering serious and life threatening non-Covid conditions over the past 15 months, the effective termination of in person GP services and the absolutely disgusting and callous refusal to allow relatives to be with their dying loved ones in hospital.

Poor Mike Yardley is going to be extra fuming when he learns of this news, after having been injected with AZ by the NHS when he specifically made a point of informing them of his clotting history at the time of the injection, a history which they should already have been aware of anyway. The nurse waived away his concerns of course and jabbed him anyway, ignoring his pleas for a scan for a clot for 3 months afterwards. Now he’s permanently disabled. The kind of ‘service’ worthy of the George Cross in Pol Pot Belly’s FUBAR Britain, it would seem.

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