Robert Dingwall Lets Loose On Masks

Here is a series of tweets from Robert Dingwall, who is a member of SAGE:

This is great. However, our detestable government and its new Health Secretary, Savid Jabid, who insists he will still wear a mask after July 19th, have made it legal for shops and businesses to impose their own mask mandates, effectively meaning nothing much will change if, as I suspect, many shops and businesses continue to insist that masks are worn on their premises. I believe the government knows this. I believe the government is actually encouraging this stance by big business. The fear-based control freakery and the anti-human, anti-science, anti-society ‘new normal’ will continue over summer until masks are probably once again made mandatory during autumn and winter. The naked human face is set to become taboo if we cannot summon the courage and determination to resist en masse, as a society, this continuing outrage, which is in fact an assault upon science, society, rationality, humanity and basic human freedom.

One comment

  1. So, it begins. Sajid Jabid has just announced that from August the 16th the double-jabbed will not have to self isolate if they come into contact with a positive ‘case’. This is the introduction of medical apartheid based not on science but on prejudice and pseudoscience – the idea that a ‘case’ is a positive PCR or LFD result and the notion that the jabbed are somehow not able to be infected or spread SARS-CoV-2, or any of its numerous ‘variants’. Lockdown Sceptics proves that the latter is not the case. It’s absurd and it is obviously a tactic by this vicious, irresponsible, fascistic government to further coerce us ‘refuseniks’ into getting jabbed with a dangerous, demonstrably toxic ‘vaccine’ which is making billionaires and millionaires out of Big Pharma and all its major stakeholders (including government ministers). I will die penniless, lonely, destitute, unloved and totally shunned by society rather than submit to this tyranny and risk my health and my life for the profit of others.


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