On ‘Freedom’ Day The British Prime Minister Announces Effective Mandatory Participation in Lethal Human Experimentation For All

Well here we are. The Endgame, or at least the Beginning of the End Game. On so called ‘Freedom’ Day, when, after 16 months of punishing psychological torture occasioned via the application of relentless fear-based propaganda and accompanied by soul-destroying restrictions upon our social life and our freedom of movement, we were all looking forward to a break. But now we’re told that in two months time, full blown medical apartheid is coming to the UK.

You won’t be permitted entry into any large crowded venue unless you have been jabbed twice with a gene-based ‘therapy’ which makes your body produce a known cytotoxin, currently implicated in the deaths of many thousands of people and the serious injury of many thousands more, according to the official data (VAERS, Yellow Card & EMA), which are themselves probably a gross underestimate of actual fatalities and injuries. This includes of course young people for whom a social life is a virtual necessity, who are NOT vulnerable to Covid, but who are probably at even greater risk of serious ‘vaccine’ injury precisely because of their robust natural immunity.

Science is dead. Logic is dead. Medical ethics are dead. Soon many people will be dead, totally unnecessarily, because the government mandated that they risk their lives in order to enjoy the ‘privileges’ of a miserable half-life in a fascist medical apartheid state. If they get away with this, freedom will be lost forever and nobody will be able to participate in society, not even buy food and other essentials, unless they have submitted to injection of toxic cocktails of substances created by the pharmaceutical industry ‘for the greater good’.

We jumped aboard the cattle trucks when we let these evil bastards lock us up in our homes, restrict our right to breathe fresh air, and then even violate our own sacred bodily temples for a mess of pottage. The destination where we are headed is now horrifyingly clear. Vaccination will set you free:

Impfung Macht Frei


Right now, across the United Kingdom, distraught parents worried about the potential side effects of new vaccines are now confronted with equally distraught children understandably terrified that if they don’t get themselves jabbed (for a disease that poses almost zero risk to their health, as the UK’s scientific establishment readily admits) their social life will be over.

Never in my life have I hated any government quite so much as I loathe this despicable, bullying, mendacious, devious, dishonest, corrupt, fascistic regime

Whereas 12 months ago, Dellers was an outlier and a ‘conspiracy theorist’, he is now definitely not alone in his anger and dismay. We are headed into a very dark period in human history.


  1. Australia. One death. A hundred odd ‘cases’ out off 88k tests. They’ve just put the entire city of Sydney into hard lockdown, telling people they shouldn’t even TALK to each other. Only 14% of Aussies have so far been jabbed, hence they’re not able to generate sufficient ‘cases’. They’re mad. Orwellian enough for you?


  2. Thank you for everything. All of your worst fears seem to have been realised, unfortunately.

    What’s happening there then..ADE as vaccine immunity fades?
    In NSW the other day 140 of 141 hospitalised had been jabbed despite fairly low overall jab rates.
    Looks as though these jabbed superspreaders are the real risk.
    A young Jabee was trying to lecture me the other day, with all that ‘selfishness’ crap that Alan Kendall trots out at Cliscep, so I asked him to stand clear of me because I didn’t want him shedding spike proteins on me. Give them a dose of their own righteousness.
    I expect I have gone on a list.

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  3. I’m at a loss Geoff. My worst fears and then some. Some optimistic people say we are winning, that humanity will always triumph over inhumanity, but the lessons of history teach us that happens only at great cost and I fear the cost of this current deviation from from humanity is going to be very, very high indeed. On a personal level, I am ‘selfishly’ enjoying what might be my last holiday in the Scottish Highlands – my last holiday ever, that is. I see only darkness ahead now and the coming years will be a fight, literally, for survival. I hope to God I am wrong, but there are far too many AK’s in this world who are probably going to make sure that this tyranny persists for a long time to come. Take care. I think you mentioned you were living quite rural in Australia, so I hope you are at least partially insulated from the authoritarian crap taking place in cities like Sydney and Melbourne and maybe you are reasonably self-sufficient.

    Just as I predicted, they are coming for the children and I can’t believe how aggressive and outrageously blatant they are being about it. Too many parents will throw their kids to the wolves I believe and allow them to be jabbed. Once that happens, I fear all hell is going to break loose. That’s the hardest thing to comprehend about this whole damn mess. The soul of humanity appears to be very, very badly injured, so ailing in fact that we have forgotten that to ensure our survival, we MUST protect the younger generations at all cost.


  4. I’m glad you’ve been able to get away for a holiday Jaime. Let’s hope it isn’t as bleak as we fear- I’m both encouraged, by people opposing some of the stupidest things going on and despairing that some I thought would have a clear view of what’s what who are just going with the flow.
    Yes, we’re rural and fairly well set up even for a fair degree of self sufficiency under normal circumstances, but I’m beginning to worry about what will allowed in that line too.
    We’ve had it easy lockdown wise, but have kids in the other states. Two of them are sort of coping, but one isn’t. His wife died suddenly last year, so he’s on his own and fears losing his job because he won’t have the vax.
    Like you, I have listened to Dellers a bit- personally I still think he’s slightly giving too much credence to out and out conspiracy, but I think so less as time goes on.
    The young kids- I know. Only a month ago they were saying more risk to vaccinate, now it’s all go. I look at my two grandchildren. Their other grandparents live in the UK, so I fear at some point ….
    The vaccine safety story though has taken a bit of a hit in our local area with two deaths of people known by many locals, one 44 years old officially admitted to be caused by vaccine and the other supposed so. So I’m no longer thought completely mad.


  5. Thanks Geoff. Sorry to hear about your kids, especially the one who lost his wife. It’s really tough for families, especially those separated by distance. It seems a callous thing to say, but I’m glad in a sense that all my immediate family members have passed away and are not exposed to this nightmare and I don’t have to worry about them, especially my mum and dad who may have been coerced into getting jabbed.

    This is an interesting and somewhat alarming interview of Robert Malone. It seems the ADE signal is now definitely emerging which is very bad news, especially as government are still pushing like mad to get their populations jabbed and show no signs of relenting. If ADE does happen, a lot of people are going to die and governments will be desperate to put the blame on the unvaxxed. Absolutely dreadful situation. Also, a very good article in French which is worth translating.




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