Jaime Jessop
Eastern England

Bio: I became a legend in my own (brief) lunchtime on 'right wing' Twitter and by writing blog articles sceptical of the consensus narrative on global warming aka climate change aka the climate crisis (much more scary). Twitter took down my account because I said nasty things about very nasty people, but mainly because I had an awful habit of telling the truth. I now tweet as @JaneDryden4. Nowadays, I mainly focus on being sceptical of the rigidly enforced government narrative on Covid and of the absurd and immensely damaging 'non pharmaceutical interventions' imposed upon us to supposedly control a 'pandemic', restrictions originally inspired not by science, but by Communist China (where the virus was probably made). Covid and climate change are intimately connected I believe. Now not merely sceptical of these twin consensus narratives I am genuinely terrified by the direction in which we appear to be headed. Will speak out for as long as I can, and reject being experimented upon with lethal 'gene therapies' until the day I die (which might be sooner than I planned courtesy of globalist fascists). Born and grew up in London, on a council estate. Proud of my traditional working class background. University educated. Strong science background but not an 'expert' in anything. Keen on communicating science. Fiercely independent minded and (almost) immune to group-think, hence horrified by the mass brainwashing exercise that has been so spectacularly successful since March 2020. I love dogs, especially German Shepherds and have rescued them for years. Passionate opponent of all forms of cruelty to innocent animals. Vegetarian long before it became 'woke', simply because I did not want to contribute in any way to the abuses I saw happening in the commercial meat industry. Now firmly opposed to the 'become vegan to save the planet' BS ideological narrative, in fact all things 'Green'.

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  1. Please send me all information 🙏GOD Bless you and family we Are in New Jersey horrific crimes against children and humanity


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