Boosters – Who Needs Them? Plus, Why The mRNA/DNA ‘Vaccines’ Do NOT Protect Against Infection

Here’s an enlightening little video from the brilliant Sucharit Bhakdi, which taught me something which I had hitherto been completely unaware of.


Therefore, none of these vaccines can work.

There is no vaccine that you put into your muscle that can ever protect you against an infection of the respiratory tract.

That’s it. Simple. The ‘vaccines’ do not prevent infection and they never have. They can’t. Here’s why, according to Dr. Bhakdi.

There are two types of neutralising antibodies. Neutralising antibodies are those which prevent the virus from entering the host cell by recognising the receptor region on the spike – the receptor binding domain (RBD). They are found in two distinct places in the body: in the blood/lymphatic system and the mucosal linings, and they are produced by the lymphocytes (killer white blood cells). The neutralising antibodies in the blood protect the vital organs from being invaded by a foreign virus. There are also neutralising antibodies produced locally in the mucus membranes of the nose, mouth and gastro-intestinal tract and these directly prevent viruses travelling beyond that point to the lungs and other organs.

Now, these two immune systems – the mucosal and the blood – are functionally distinct and very rarely interact. The ‘vaccines’, injected into the muscle, only stimulate the production of neutralising antibodies in the blood and the lymph. They do not, they cannot produce antibodies targeting virus in the respiratory and intestinal tracts. SARS-CoV-2 is an airborne respiratory virus . . . . . go figure, as they say.

‘Vaccination’ is not going to neutralise the SARS-CoV-2 virus at the main point of entry into the body (the nose and the mouth). Nor, for the record, is a flimsy piece of cheap fabric made in China, despite being made a legal requirement by Mr Fascist Shiny Bonce and Mr Fascist Blonde Mop Head. Take home message: the ‘vaccines’ are not going to prevent transmission or infection. Period. They may protect against serious disease (for a few months at least) in some vulnerable individuals by preventing viral entry into the cells of the vital organs. That’s it though.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Don’t even take world-renowned expert Dr. Bhakdi’s word for it, because you never know, he might be a secret tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist looking for nefarious ways to undermine the ‘vaccines’.

So yes, we look for confirmation of what Dr. Bhakdi says in the literature. And we find it. [Cue: sharp intake of breath by the ‘fact-checkers’]

Lets’s start here:

Within the immune system, a series of anatomically distinct compartments can be distinguished, each of which is specially adapted to generate a response to pathogens present in a particular set of body tissues.

Two key features define these compartments. The first is that immune responses induced within one compartment are largely confined in expression to that particular compartment. The second is that lymphocytes are restricted to particular compartments by expression of homing receptors that are bound by ligands, known as addressins, that are specifically expressed within the tissues of the compartment.

So, it’s true, the mucosal immune system is functionally distinct from the immune system of the blood and furthermore, the lymphocytes which produce the neutralising antibodies in those separate compartments are confined to that location.

Then there’s this:

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has been ongoing now for several months, very little attention has been given to mucosal immunity in SARS-CoV-2 infection. Yet this virus primarily infects the mucosal surfaces of the respiratory tract (and possibly also the digestive tract) at least until advanced stages of the disease when viral RNA may become detectable in the circulation (1). The virus may also be acquired through the mouth, and at the conjunctival surface of the eye whence it drains into the nasal passages through the lacrimal duct. This means that its interactions with the immune system, during both inductive and effector phases, must first occur predominantly if not exclusively at the respiratory and oral mucosae. This has profound implications for the outcomes and should guide our approach to investigating and comprehending adaptive immunity in COVID-19 disease, including its diagnosis, treatment, and effective vaccine development. In terms of both the deployment of immune cells and the production of immunoglobulins, the mucosal immune system is by far the largest component of the entire immune system, having evolved to provide protection at the main sites of infectious threat: the mucosae (2). Secretory IgA (SIgA) is produced in quantities far exceeding those of all other immunoglobulin isotypes combined (3).

Exactly what Dr Bhakdi said. If you’re still not convinced though:

Almost all efforts at vaccine development against COVID-19 focus on systemic injection, which predominantly induces circulatory IgG antibodies and, potentially, cytotoxic T cells (18). These routes are poorly effective at generating mucosal immune responses, which can only be induced by mucosal routes of immunization, including through the NALT in the URT.

Finally, we have this information sheet released by the World Heath organisation, dated 3rd September 2021. The WHO talk about infection-induced immunity, how it “lasts many months” and “is multi-faceted and generates antibodies against the spike protein plus other non-structural proteins (Nucleoprotein (N), Matrix protein (M), Envelope protein (E)).” Also how it “induces systemic immunity and mucosal immunity”.

The ‘vaccines’ induce only systemic immunity and even that against only the narrow spike region. So the all important first line of defence against infection, the mucosal immune system, is only stimulated by natural infection. They don’t tell you that, do they? The vaccine creationists and the natural immunity deniers would have you believe that you have to get jabbed every 3 months with an mRNA booster in order to be protected from Covid. But the former is exactly what the WHO was saying a few months ago.

It gets more damning. The WHO say:

Current COVID 19 vaccines induce systemic immunity only and no mucosal immunity.

Current intramuscular COVID-19 vaccines do not induce mucosal immunity. They do not induce the same multifaceted immune response as a natural infection but do protect from severe disease.

The WHO confirms what Bhakdi was saying. The ‘vaccines’ don’t work. They are non-sterilising. They don’t prevent infection. They are nothing more than a prophylactic against severe disease and in that respect they are only potentially useful in that section of the populace which is vulnerable to serious disease (a small minority). The mass vaccination campaign is thus a fraud and a very dangerous experiment on humanity expedited for financial and political gain.

On the subject of boosters, the WHO is unequivocal:

Third doses should be prioritized for the vulnerable: those most at-risk populations when there is evidence of waning immunity against severe disease and death. They are not for the fit and healthy.

Jabhead just authorised the rollout of boosters for all adults and a second myocarditis-inducing dose for non-vulnerable children to supposedly protect against the new threat of Omicron (aka the Moronic variant). That is both moronic and deeply malign, from a politician allegedly employed to work in our best interests, given what the actual science says.

Killing the Flock: The Insanity of Mass Vaccinating with Non-Sterilising Vaccines

For the faint-hearted and the clueless, virtue-signalling ‘I got my vax, now go get yours’ pro-vax fanatics, look away now. This is not going to be pretty.

First off, it’s not a ‘vaccine’, it’s (jokingly) a ‘vackseen’. This guy knows it and he explains it brilliantly, in the most entertaining, lively, accessible and informative manner:


But that’s not the half of it. Pfizer and Moderna both admit that their vackseens are unlikely to be sterilising (i.e. prevent ongoing transmission. The makers of the Oxford AstraZeneca jab have apparently conducted very recent studies which do demonstrate that their product prevents ongoing transmission, but we should take this claim with a large pinch of salt at the moment. We were told that the vackseens would herald the end of lockdowns and the removal of restrictions on our way of life. They lied, because they knew that the vackseens most likely did not prevent ongoing transmission, only reduced (by an indeterminate amount) the seriousness of symptoms in those infected. If you did your ‘duty’ and bowled up to get jabbed when ‘invited’ (e.g. badgered incessantly, ruthlessly, in many cases), then you were suckered. There ain’t no kind way of saying that:

Elderly people should not kiss their grandchildren even if they have received a second dose of a coronavirus vaccine, an expert claimed today.

Professor Anthony Harnden, deputy chairman of the Joint Committee of Vaccines and Immunisation (JCVI), said it may not be safe to break social-distancing rules even after having two doses.

“You need to be really careful and remember that even after the second dose of vaccine it’s not necessarily 100 per cent effective,” he said.

“At the moment, we still need to be cautious and obey the rules and I don’t think kissing grandchildren is allowed”.

Now they’ve moved the goal-posts – twice. First it was ‘back to normal’ when the most at risk get vaccinated which, considering that the whole point of the emergency authorisation vackseens was supposed to be to protect those most at risk of severe disease (the very elderly and those with severe health conditions), thus ‘protecting the NHS’, this made sense. But then they decided it was to be extended to the over 50s; now the goal, according to the NHS, is to ‘vaccinate’ at least 80% of the population so as to achieve ‘herd immunity’. This, apart from being pseudoscientific nonsense, flies in the face of the fact that it is highly unlikely that any of the vackseens so far authorised for emergency use will stop ongong transmission, thus making a mockery of this stated ambition – and, by the way, the pursuance by this fascist government of digitised domestic vaccination passports. Also, by vaccinating at least 80% of the population, this will undoubtedly mean that groups not recommended by the manufacturers to be administered the vackseens under the terms of the emergency use authorisation, will actually be included in the rollout, which is absurd.

In pursuing a policy of mass vaccination, the government is in fact conducting a very dangerous and medically unnecessary experiment upon humanity, one which the actual science does not justify. Why?

A vaccine researcher has called for an immediate halt to all ongoing mass vaccination campaigns. I quote:

Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD virology, independent seasoned vaccine researcher, previous SPO at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and SPM at GAVI is urging WHO and world political leaders to immediately halt all ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns as there is compelling evidence that they will soon dramatically worsen the consequences of the current pandemic.

In particular, lack of understanding of the consequences of immune pressure on highly mutable viruses has now allowed for the approval of a number of Covid-19 vaccines that are completely contraindicated for fighting a pandemic, regardless of the technology used. Although safe and efficacious and providing temporary relief to part of the population and to healthcare facilities, these vaccines will soon come with a heavy toll to be paid by the entire population if mass vaccination campaigns continue.

In our naïve and simplistic attempt to prevent the pandemic from running its natural course, we are in fact providing the beast with an even much better opportunity to escape host immunity than natural infection does

This man has published an open letter to the WHO and he does seem extremely concerned and his arguments do appear to be reasonable. I don’t know if he’s legitimate, but given the magnitude of his warnings, it would seem odd if there is not some official reply from the WHO or qualified epidemiologists, if only to debunk his terrifying concerns. Personally, I think they seem quite plausible, if you read this:

It makes sense, if you apply selective pressure to a virus in circulation by using a ‘leaky vaccine’ in millions of people, then that virus is going to adapt to escape the vaccines and cause a lot more problems than if we had left it to run its course naturally through the vast majority of the populace who are not susceptible to severe disease, protecting only those who are vulnerable. This was the original plan and it was what was advocated by the Great Barrington Declaration. But governments ignored this sound scientific advice and went for lockdowns and now mass vaccination campaigns with wholly unsuitable vackseens.

This could turn out to be a public health catastrophe if the case with leaky vaccines in poultry is anything to go by:

“When a vaccine works perfectly, as do the childhood vaccines for smallpox, polio, mumps, rubella, and measles, it prevents vaccinated individuals from being sickened by the disease, and it also prevents them from transmitting the virus to others,” says Andrew Read, a leader of the research team and professor of biology and entomology and biotechnology at Penn State.

These vaccines are a type that is “perfect” because they are designed to mimic the perfect immunity that humans naturally develop after having survived one of these diseases.

“We humans never have experienced any contagious disease that kills as many unvaccinated hosts as these poultry viruses can, but we now are entering an era when we are starting to develop next-generation vaccines that are leaky because they are for diseases that do not do a good job of producing strong natural immunity—diseases like HIV and malaria,” Read says.

“Vaccines for human diseases are the least-expensive, most-effective public-health interventions we ever have had,” Read says. “But the concern now is about the next-generation vaccines. If the next-generation vaccines are leaky, they could drive the evolution of more-virulent strains of the virus.”

The leaky vaccines are here – the Covid vaccines. They are being rolled out to millions without a second thought about the consequences; in fact they are being outrageously coerced by governments worldwide. Do they actually want to see us all die if something goes wrong? The most vulnerable may initially be the unvaccinated, but even those vaccinated may be vulnerable to any virulent new variants which emerge as a direct consequence of this insane mass medical intervention. In that regard, remind me again why Blair was so keen to have partially vaccinated people wandering around for weeks longer than recommended by the manufacturers themselves, after receiving only one jab? Remind me again of the fact that many millions in Third World countries will indeed not be vaccinated for quite some time.

So, when you are offered your vackseen and you smugly think to yourself ‘yeah, I’m going to have it because I want to protect myself and my fellow human beings’ or you just think ‘I want to be able to go to the pub or go on holiday’, ask yourself if you’re really doing yourself and/or humanity a big favour by opting into this mass coerced clinical trial which Kill Gates has dreamed about for years.

Update: 9th March 2021

This guy is completely legit. This is actually quite terrifying. Why are government scientists now warning of a ‘third surge’ of Covid deaths and a particularly bad influenza season later this year? I suggest that they know they have potentially screwed up big time. A third of the UK have already been ‘vaccinated’ and millions more are likely to succumb to coercion. It may already be too late to avert this disaster. See where blind compliance to government and unshakable faith in ‘science’ gets you? See where it gets us?

‘Our NHS’ Commits To Net Zero Carbon: Everybody Clap

NHS becomes the world’s first national health system to commit to become ‘carbon net zero’, backed by clear deliverables and milestones

You would think at a time of national crisis, with hospitals expecting to be overflowing with Covid-19 patients any time soon, following Bill and Ben, the Pol Pot Men’s (not) predicted ‘exponential’ rise in cases to 50k a day by mid October, the NHS would have other things on its mind at the moment – like the health of the nation for instance. But it seems they have ample time to pontificate about going green.

The NHS has today adopted a multiyear plan to become the world’s first carbon net zero national health system.

The commitment comes amid growing evidence of the health impacts of climate change and air pollution, and aims to save thousands of lives and hospitalisations across the country.

It’s the twin carbon evils of air pollution and climate change, conveniently lumped together for maximum effect. Ban cars, ban nasty wood burning stoves, ban nasty, smelly fossil fuel power stations, in order to make the weather better and to reduce particulate emissions, thereby making us all much healthier (and poorer, less mobile, a lot more miserable, and colder in winter). You know it makes sense – just like ‘protecting the NHS to save lives’ makes sense by kicking old people out of hospital into care homes and creating a backlog of 15 million non-Covid patients waiting for urgent treatment.

The changing climate is leading to more frequent heatwaves and extreme weather events such as flooding, including the potential spread of infectious diseases to the UK. Almost 900 people were killed by last summer’s heatwaves while nearly 18 million patients go to a GP practice in an area that exceeds the World Health Organisation’s air pollution limit.

NHS chief executive Sir Simon Stevens said: “2020 has been dominated by Covid-19 and is the most pressing health emergency facing us. But undoubtedly climate change poses the most profound long-term threat to the health of the nation.

“It is not enough for the NHS to treat the problems caused by air pollution and climate change – from asthma to heart attacks and strokes – we need to play our part in tackling them at source.”

It’s not enough for us to try to treat the problems caused by NHS mismanagement – we need to tackle them at source, by sacking the NHS chief executive for a start, and sacking the army of mid-level NHS managers who it seems have conspired with the government to cover up the gross mismanagement of the Covid-19 crisis and have (and still are) endangering the lives of many patients by keeping many hospitals half empty and not fully functioning.

Of course, the Marxist at the WHO welcomes the news:

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), said: “Cutting carbon emissions is essential to protect health, everywhere in the world. I welcome the leadership of the largest single health system in the world, the National Health Service in England, in committing to be carbon neutral in its own operations by 2040, and to drive emissions reductions in its suppliers and partners. Health is leading the way to a greener, safer planet.”

Dr Watts (I presume) is the big cheese responsible for this net zero 2040 target:

NHS England convened the NHS Net Zero Expert Panel in January following the launch of the Climate Assembly UK, to take and analyse evidence on how the health service can contribute to nationwide carbon reduction efforts.

Led by Dr Nick Watts, Executive Director of The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change, the Panel comprised public health and climate experts as well as patient and staff representatives.

Dr Watts and his team will engage widely to support delivery, with interventions including:

new ways of delivering care at or closer to home, meaning fewer patient journeys to hospitals;

greening the NHS fleet, including working towards road-testing a zero-emissions emergency ambulance by 2022;

reducing waste of consumable products and switching to low-carbon alternatives where possible;

making sure new hospitals and buildings are built to be net-zero emissions, and;

building energy conservation into staff training and education programmes.

Ah, there you have it, you see. Dr Watts’s cunning plan to get to net zero carbon involves getting to net zero patients, by treating most ‘at home’ presumably via video link! It’s already happening, in terms of the ‘new normal’ being ushered in by Covid lockdown hysteria. Millions of patients are being denied face to face consultations and are being telephoned at home or offered consultations via zoom. A million women who would have otherwise been scanned for breast cancer have not, either because they have been scared to seek hospital treatment for fear of catching The Covid Plague or because their routine scans have been cancelled. Just think of all the emissions saved by those women not attending hospital.

Watts again:

“The NHS’s ambition is world-leading, and the first national commitment to deliver a net zero health service. It comes at a time when the UK is preparing to host the UN climate change summit next year, and demonstrates that every part of our societies need to play their part in reducing pollution and responding to climate change.”

There is a fanatical ambition in this country it seems, prevalent in our leaders, that the UK must lead the world into the immiseration of its populace by unilaterally adopting net zero carbon targets. I wonder why that is?

Is it because we are uniquely stupid? It might seem so. I leave you with this net zero grey matter comment from Kay Boycott, CEO of Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation:

Climate change poses a huge threat to lung health; with dangerous levels of pollution and extremes in hot and cold weather which can be deadly for people with lung conditions causing symptoms to flare up and putting lives at risk.