Great Reset

Ernst Wolff – Uncovering The Corona Narrative August 2021

I’ve been reading a lot recently, not only about science but finance and economics, a topic which I have never found easy to understand and have shied away from trying to understand for most of my life.

I still fail to grasp even the basics of global economics except now for this one thing: the global financial system was on the brink of collapse in 2008 and was only prevented from doing so by bailing out the ‘too big to fail banks’. But that just delayed the inevitable and just before the ‘pandemic’, the system was on the brink of collapse once again.

The solution – the final solution – was to destroy the old financial system deliberately in order to bring about a Great Reset of the world economy, allowing the big stakeholders complete control over our lives and all financial transactions via programmable central bank digital currencies, a digitised Universal Basic Income, to be administered via universal digital IDs. The so called ‘vaccine passport’, necessary to control deadly infections supposedly, but now exposed as absurdly unfit for purpose, was to be the entry-level digital ID and it is still being brought in and enforced by governments worldwide, even though it is obvious that it has nothing whatsoever to do with public health. They have to you see, they can’t do anything else. They set in motion the Great Reset in desperation to secure their financial assets. It cannot be reversed. They have committed themselves absolutely and either it will succeed and humanity will be subjected to a horrifying totalitarian New World Order of top-down global governance with the total loss of all our basic human rights and freedoms, or it will not.

This video makes it all crystal clear for me now. I guessed almost from the word go that the ‘Covid crisis’ was a scam, that the response was globally planned and coordinated and that Klaus Schwab’s WEF was probably intimately involved. What I didn’t know was why, what was the prime motive for such a horrifyingly harmful and destructive scheme, implemented in virtual unison by governments all over the world? It turns out that the drivers were simple: greed and control. The corporate ‘stakeholders’ have vastly increased their wealth over the last 18 months at the expense of humanity in general. Even pre-Covid, the elite ruling technocracy and the bankers were gaining far too much power and influence via the digital revolution. They saw that the collapse of the old world economic system was inevitable precisely as a result of their unrestrained greed and lust for power, so they devised a new system whereby not only would they increase their wealth spectacularly, but they would have total control over every human being on the planet. Needless to say, they are extremely dangerous psychopaths, megalomaniac malignant narcissists who think nothing about inflicting poverty and misery upon billions and killing many millions of people in order to achieve their aims.

This video explains it all. It also explains why, hopefully their evil plan cannot possibly succeed, even though they may inflict huge damage upon humanity in the process. Please watch it. Please also read this article, which explains in further detail why, in the words of the IMF itself, “vaccine policy is economic policy”.

Hold the line people. They are going to be coming for us all and it’s not going to be pleasant. But to paraphrase Ernst Wolff, this nightmare is the greatest opportunity humanity has ever had to wake up en masse and change things for the better, to finally rid ourselves of the elite psychopaths who have governed our lives for far too long now. What we must not do is allow them to provoke civil war and widescale violent rioting. That’s what they want: chaos and disorder, so they can impose their own order upon us. We need to resist them peacefully and in huge numbers, using non-compliance as our weapon, even though they will attempt the violent repression of dissenters I’m certain.$/embed/Ernst-Wolf-speech—summary/3b94703ae61bde7db09866674cf4a6234f43c56e