Innate immunity

Vaccinating Children – Sorting the Saints from the Sinners

GVDB has another post just published entitled ‘The Unforgivable Sin’. I quote:

One wonders how it is possible that while it has now been reported that vaccinated shed and transmit as much virus as unvaccinated people (1), the vaccinated are still protected against severe disease whereas the unvaccinated are said to be unprotected. So, how can one explain that viral shedding and transmission and hence, viral replication no longer seem to be impacted by the vaccine whereas the opposite still applies to the occurrence of (severe) disease?

Considering that vaccinees shed and transmit as much virus as unvaccinated people, how could one even postulate that unvaccinated people are susceptible to severe disease whereas vaccinees are still largely protected from severe disease?

Frankly speaking, this doesn’t make any sense at all. So there must be a ‘small’ detail the current ‘narrative’ overlooked.

It’s a good question, because even though we’re being told that the ‘vaccines’ are less effective in preventing transmission, we’re being assured that they are still proving effective in preventing serious disease. But it’s only older people and those who are immune-compromised who are susceptible to serious disease. So, if the ‘vaccines’ do not prevent transmission of delta, why on earth are we vaccinating children? Even though the ‘vaccines’ are said to be still protective against severe disease, children are not susceptible anyway, because they have very strong innate immunity. Geert picks up on this theme and, in doing so, exposes what might be the true horrific cost of vaccinating children needlessly.

Does anybody realize that protection from (severe) disease in healthy children and youngsters is due to innate Abs (5), even regardless of the possible short-term presence of poorly functional S-directed Abs (which may even contribute to diminishing rather than strengthening their immune defence)? Does anybody realize that this mechanism of protection is fundamentally different from the one protecting vaccinees from severe disease? When present in sufficient concentration, high affinity, antigen-specific Abs readily outcompete low affinity, multi-specific Abs for binding to the same antigen (6). It is, therefore, reasonable to assume that vaccinees experience long-lived functional suppression of their protective, CoV-recognizing innate Abs and are thereby left to rely on their vaccinal S-specific Abs for protection against severe disease (7).

Here Geert is saying that healthy children who have strong innate immunity may occasionally experience a temporary suppression of that immunity if they are rapidly re-exposed to a highly infectious variant. However, if they are jabbed, then this suppression of their innate Abs lasts a lot longer and they are consequently left to rely on the narrowly protective vaccinal Abs generated by the presence of the spike proteins. The current vaccines are developed to protect against the previous dominant variants, Alpha (the ‘Kent variant’) and the one circulating before that, D614G. It is also of note that the so called ‘boosters’ also only protect against these now virtually extinct variants. So, by vaccinating children with these obsolete drugs, we are in effect leaving them open to more serious disease from the delta strain, on account of the fact that their innate immunity will be compromised by the presence of aggressively competing vaccinal antibodies! This brings us back once again to the concept of original antigenic sin which I talked about in a previous post.

As the mechanism of immune defense in vaccinees is totally different from the one at play in unvaccinated individuals, the mantra of mass vaccination stakeholders that vaccination of youngsters and children will provide them with improved protection from contracting severe disease is a textbook example of scientific nonsense. Their irrational, erroneous extrapolations lead people to believe that they should get their children vaccinated whereas there is barely any more catastrophic immune intervention one could think of. In line with the intrinsic functional properties of innate, multi-specific Abs, healthy children and youngsters are NOT ‘naturally’ susceptible to any Sars-CoV-2 lineage but exclusively acquire such susceptibility as a direct consequence of functional suppression of their well-established innate immune capacity due to a rapid re-exposure event or, even much worse and long-lived, due to vaccination. The likelihood of rapid re-exposure to Sars-CoV-2 after previous infection dramatically increases when highly infectious variants expand in prevalence. Such an expansion in prevalence directly results from mass vaccination campaigns as mass vaccination turns vaccinees into an excellent breeding ground for naturally selected S-directed immune escape variants.

So, unless there is any contradiction in the above reasoning and unless somebody could explain how similar viral replication and transmission dynamics in vaccinated as compared to unvaccinated individuals could lead to dissimilar clinical manifestations of infection, we can only conclude that the scenario is the following: Vaccination of children and youngsters is turning off their broadly protective innate immunity in exchange for S-specific vaccinal Abs that are becoming increasingly useless since their neutralizing capacity becomes more and more eroded as a result of enhanced escape of Sars-CoV-2 from neutralizing Abs [NAbs](a trend that has been clearly confirmed by molecular epidemiologists (8)). Resistance to the neutralizing effect of vaccinal Abs that are nevertheless still able to bind Sars-CoV-2 virions and thereby outcompete protective innate Abs is likely to enhance the susceptibility of vaccinees to ADE (Ab-dependent enhancement of disease).

Unless virology and immunology are being rewritten, I cannot imagine how mass vaccination of our youngsters and children will not lead to an even more disastrous outcome of all the scientifically irrational and unjustifiable vaccination efforts. Not only will this dramatically increase the children’s risk to succumb to (accelerated) Covid-19 disease but it will also take away the highly efficient capacity of healthy, unvaccinated people to diminish the dangerous, ever rising viral infectious pressure in the population. By vaccinating our youngsters, children and, even more generally, all people in excellent health, we deprive an important part of the population from its ‘anti-viral’ capacity and instead turn them into a breeding ground for more infectious and increasingly NAb-resistant variants. In other words, mass vaccination of children will inevitably obstruct the process of building herd immunity in the population. While unvaccinated children who contract Covid-19 disease in the vast majority of cases don’t suffer severe disease and contribute to the buildup of herd immunity in the population, mass vaccination campaigns in children will prevent them from contributing to herd immunity, because more infectious viral variants are increasingly escaping from neutralization by vaccinal anti-S Abs and gaining a significant fitness advantage in such an immunological environment.

There can be no doubt that large scale immune interventions which ignore the immune pathogenesis of the disease are recipes for massive disasters.

An absolutely damning indictment of the current obsession with mass vaccination, to the point where governments are threatening those who won’t comply with loss of their job and loss of their freedoms. The execrable Turdeau in Canada has already banned all those unjabbed over the age of 12 from any form of public transport. Australia is threatening to block out the unvaxxed from public life, Biden is intent on creating a sub-class of Americans who refuse the ‘vaccine’ and Wales effectively did just that only a couple of days ago, by farcically voting in vaccine passports. In Lithuania, the unjabbed are basically excluded from society, unable to work, and barely able to feed themselves. Horrendous. From what we now know about the lack of effectiveness of these ‘vaccines’, their risk to personal health and now the very considerable risk to public health in general, this is not just malfeasance in public office, it is palpably evil.

It’s evil because politicians must know the risks they are imposing upon the lives of the people they supposedly serve, because their ‘expert’ scientific advisers must know.

It cannot be that highly knowledgeable vaccinologists don’t understand this clear-cut message. I can only shout at all of them, no matter their international reputation, the number of awards and recognitions they’ve gotten, the number of books they’ve written or high-ranked papers they’ve published in peer-reviewed journals: shame on you for not standing up.

Geert Vanden Bossche, Robert Malone, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Ryan Cole and dozens of other highly professional and respected physicians and scientists have put their careers and reputation on the line to speak up against the crimes and corruption now so evident in the pacts which governments have signed with Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and AZ. Pacts written in the blood of the people the politicians supposedly serve. These brave few are literally being hunted by the media and by the corrupt professional bodies which formerly supported them as tenured scientists and licensed physicians. Literally, the medical and political establishments are trying to cancel them. Those who have stood up and spoken out are the saints. We know only too well who the sinners are and their sins are very grave indeed.